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Christmas in Inverness – The Kingsmills Guide

With the festive season now upon us, Christmas cheer is working its way into all of us. When the snow begins to fall and the presents need to get wrapped, the pressure starts to mount. With the illuminations of the Christmas Lights now taking over the High Streets of Inverness, the joyful season of Christmas […]

Getting Back On Your Feet With Some Shopping In Inverness

The tree’s come down, the family is all away and those Christmas memories are still fresh in your mind, or buried under a haze of good drinks and mince-pies, to resurface when you least expect it. You now own a number of new socks, shirts and if you’re really lucky, a new toaster; you’re free […]

5 Facts About Loch Ness You Might Not Know About

Loch Ness is famous across the world and there is no shortage of visitors making their way to its banks every year. With beautiful scenery and the chance to spot the legendary monster which lurks within the water, it’s no wonder it’s one of Scotland’s most popular holiday destinations. But there is more to the […]

Hogmanay in Inverness – The Hottest Hooley in Town

There’s nothing quite like celebrating the end of another year with family and friends. It’s a chance to get together, have a wee jolly, drink to past achievements and toast future success. But while the rest of the world gathers round local watering holes on the 31st of December to welcome in the New Year, […]