Monthly Archives: January 2016

Things To Do in Inverness with the Family

When a family getaway is on your mind, there is no better place to find adventure than the beautiful setting of the wonderful Scottish Highlands. With the kids all packed and the kitchen sink left behind, the only decision that really matters is that of where do I stay? In Inverness, there is no better […]

Getting Down to Business in Inverness

When it comes to making business happen, all roads lead to Inverness. Home to over 65 000 people, Inverness is the commercial and industrial hub of the Scottish Highlands. As the regional centre of the Highlands, business in Inverness is set to grow from strength to strength. With a booming tourism industry, unparalleled natural attractions, […]

Putting the V in Love this Valentine’s Day – A Romantic Getaway

There’s no doubting it, Inverness is an exceptionally romantic part of Scotland. Loch Ness is fondly looked at as a site of wonder owing to its mysterious monster, but many say that a simple walk along the shore can be one of the most romantic experiences there is. But before the walking and the Nessie-spotting, […]

Top Tips for Planning an Inverness Wedding

When it comes to the perfect wedding, there are so many tips and tricks not to miss. With the love and wedding industry becoming ever so popular and always evolving, sometimes, even the most focussed of bride’s can miss a trick. Picture this, you and your other half to-be are in the Highlands, the surroundings […]